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Isles of Eden Sea Cucumber

An age-old delicacy of Chinese all over the world, sea cucumbers have been gifted and consumed for centuries for their nutritional content and health benefits.

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Grown in Maldives

Isles of Eden sea cucumbers are grown in Maldives.  With its clear, idyllic lagoons, the Maldives is a prime location to raise the ocean's healthiest sea cucumbers. 


Perfect Traceability

Our premium sea cucumbers are grown ethically in the pure sands and pristine waters of Maldives' idyllic lagoons. All sea cucumbers can be traced to the exact lagoon in which they were grown in.

Isles of Eden sea cucumbers are naturally raised and meticulously processed by hand to ensure excellent consistency across different batches.

Justin Quek

Our products are unsalted and unsmoked, retaining their natural taste, texture, nutritional content and do not contain any chemical additives or preservatives.

Pure Taste

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