Not Quite.

For centuries, people have been 

plundering the oceans for profits. The sedentary life of sea cucumbers has been seriously affected. 

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From Lagoon to Table

Perfect transparency is our goal. 

All Isles of Eden sea cucumbers are naturally raised on our site in Maldives. 


What we do flows

from who we are

Our satisfaction comes from raising sea cucumbers of such superior quality that each one elevates cuisine and pleases even the most refined palate. 

Our work stems from a belief that what is pure, natural and of utmost quality takes time and devotion to develop.

 Mariculture is our solution 

Healthier oceans are our legacy.

We saw an opportunity to reverse the tide of the sea cucumber industry with healthy commerce and responsible mariculture practices.


Join the Movement

of Premium Health and
Sustainable Mariculture

 Our sea cucumbers are more than a personal passion or a product.

It represents the sustained livelihood of coastal communities and the safety of our planet. 


From harvest to the home, we are conscious of our environmental impact. We believe in meeting the needs of today, without sacrificing the needs of the future generations. 


Purchasing sustainable sea cucumber products is a personal investment in healthier oceans and continued enjoyment of its bounty for generations.